Hmong Language, Heritage & Culture

New Millennium Academy’s (NMA) Hmong Language and Cultural Heritage Program is offered to all of our scholars. The Hmong Language and Culture Program consists of two Hmong teachers. This year, Hmong classes will meet twice a week for at least 45 minutes. The Hmong program will teach cultural thematic units of study and align to the World Language Standards.

New Millennium Academy Hmong Workbooks

NMA has released our first ever Hmong Workbook for grades K-1 this school year. We are excited to utilize our workbook in the classroom this year with our scholars. We are excited to share and sell our Hmong workbook with anyone who is interested. Please visit Her Publishing to place an order. Our workbook is exclusive to NMA’s Hmong curriculum for K-1.

Hmong Activities and Lessons Website

Additional Hmong Resources

Tsiaj Ntawv Txiv Ib Tug– Great Interactive activity to practice Single Consonants  

Hmong Dictionary Website– A great website for scholars to practice sounds and Hmong Literacy Skills 

Study Hmong– Hmong website for learning Hmong language and vocabulary 

Hmong Lessons– Hmong website that offers resources for Hmong language, culture, and history 

Youtube Hmong Kids Channel– Interactive songs and music that engages younger kids

 Learn Hmong with Me Playgroup – Facebook group that connects families and younger kids ages PreK- K with Hmong learning resources and videos.

Local Minnesotan Asian & Hmong Resources