Community Programs & Services

As of November 2021, New Millennium Academy functions as a Full Service Community School (FSCS). A FSCS encourages coordination of academic, social, and health services through partnerships. We strongly believe that to achieve our school’s vision of developing global leaders who will change the world, we must be intentional in engaging our families and community members – many of whom are Hmong, refugees and immigrants.

Oftentimes, refugee and immigrant families are hesitant and reluctant when engaging with America’s education system, but through our active culturally specific and relevant engagement activities, our families trust that the school provides programs and services. Unlike many traditional American K-12 schools, there have been dozens of instances where NMA families directly asked NMA staff members to support them with specific services (i.e. forms, translations, etc.). To learn more about each of our community programs and services, please visit our different programs and services below.

Hnub Tsiab Library
Community Garden (TBA)