Do Not Send Any Products Containing Nuts with Your Scholar to School

Dear Parent/Guardians,

Occasionally a health concern arises in a school setting that requires enlisting the support of parent/guardians and classmates to help make the classroom a safe and healthy place for all. This letter is to inform you that some scholars have severe food allergies, including allergies to peanuts/tree nuts and dairy. For them, strict avoidance of the allergens is the only way to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction.

We are asking for your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment. The biggest concern is peanuts/tree nuts. Even touching a small amount of a product or accidental ingestion containing these allergens could result in a life-threatening situation that requires emergency medical treatment. To reduce the risk of exposure in the classroom and lunchroom, we are asking that you not send any products containing nuts with your scholar to school.

We believe all families understand a parent’s concern about safety and will join us in ensuring that the school environment is safe for all scholars. If you have any questions regarding ingredient lists, safe snacks, or other questions, please feel free to call or email us. Thanks for your help in making this a safe and fun year for all of our scholars!