RE:  Potential Threat Received on December 16, 2022

Dear Parents and Families,

Today, New Millennium Academy (NMA) was made aware of a potential violent threat against a few identified scholars and the school in general. NMA takes all threats seriously and will not tolerate any acts of violence or threats against anyone in our school community. School safety is our top priority and we have taken the necessary actions to ensure that our school community is safe.

Upon receiving information about the potential violent threat, NMA:

  • Immediately contacted Brooklyn Center Police Department where they will complete their full investigation against those responsible.
  • Our leadership team secured the school building and classrooms to ensure that all scholars and staff were safe while an investigation was ongoing.
  • Conducted an internal investigation alongside law enforcement and interviewed all persons involved.
  • Followed up with disciplinary actions and informed families of persons involved. 

If you or your child hear of any specific threat to our school, we ask that you please report it immediately. Thank you for your partnership in keeping our school community safe.  

Meanwhile, our Toys For Tots event scheduled for tomorrow will resume as normal.  We will have security onsite to support this event. 

Thank you. 

Kevin Xiong

Executive Director