Executive Leadership Transition

Dear NMA Families and Community,

On behalf of the New Millennium Academy’s Board of Directors, we want to share that Executive Director Kevin Xiong has resigned from his position and his last day is April 7, 2023.  In the interim, Thomas Thao, our Vice President of Academics and Principal, and Hli Xyooj, our Vice President of Programs and Services, will step in as the Interim Co-Executive Directors to continue the great work of Kevin’s vision and leadership and to ensure a strong finish to the 2022-2023 school year.  

The departure of a highly talented executive director is a challenging situation for our organization but the board of directors and NMA’s executive leadership team are committed to ensuring our staff, students, and families are fully supported during this transition.  

During Kevin’s tenure at NMA, he has guided NMA through a series of challenges that included the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial reckoning in our city, all while putting students, staff, and families at the center.  He built a strong Hmong language and culture program and created a vision for expanding programs and services to meet the needs of our communities.  We thank Kevin for his vision, leadership, and commitment to New Millennium Academy.

While the board begins its discussion for what comes next, we encourage you to reach out to NMA’s Board of Directors if you have any questions.  We hope you all will join us in wishing Kevin well and sharing your personal stories of thanks and gratitude for all he has done on behalf of New Millennium Academy.  Below is a message from Kevin Xiong to share with all of you.


NMA’s Board of Directors

Chonburi Lee, Chair

Amy Schwartz, Vice Chair

Ker Vang, Secretary

Hlis Nelson, Treasurer

Rosie Chang, Director

Janie Yang, Director 

Dear NMA Families and Community, 

Since 2017, I have begun my career here at New Millennium Academy (NMA), never anticipating that I would sit at the highest position in the organization, creating change and opportunities for the school community.  Since then, I have learned from all of you, grew as a person, and continue to be inspired by all of your actions.  I appreciated how all of you held me accountable as the Executive Director. 

Today, April 7, 2023, is my last day here at NMA.  I hope that I have left NMA in a better place than when I first started in 2017.  Here is what I’ve accomplished:

  • Increased our operating revenues by building partnerships with 

federal, state and local funders

  • Started our Pathway to Classroom initiative to increase more teachers of colors into the classroom
  • Increase the funding to support teachers’ professional development opportunities
  • Developed a step and lane salary structure that supports a competitive compensation for teachers and EAs
  • Build the K-8 curriculums that focus on growth and proficiency in the Hmong language and culture
  • Started our international partnerships in Laos to start our global leadership work
  • Started our equity strategic plan
  • Implemented our cultural and community enrichment programs including Hmong Paj Ntaub, Mej Koob, Hmong Dance, Hmong Cooking, and Qeej program.  These programs have drawn more than 200 participants from our entire school community
  • Established our NMA Transportation LLC that will bring up to $200,000 in annual revenues
  • Created a school culture built on wellness, engagement, and growth

I thank each and every one of you for your contribution to the success of NMA.  This work needs to continue and the school community relies on all of you to do your part in its success!

Thank you.

Kevin Xiong